Archive | April 4, 2013

Still Way Too Early

I woke up this morning at what is now my normal wake up time of 4:20 am and groggily changed into my workout clothes and headed downstairs to the treadmill to attempt a 5k. I started out at 5.2 which for the first mile I am SURE I will be able to sustain for the whole 3.1 miles. It hasn’t happened yet. Something different did happen this morning though. I jogged 2 full miles at 5.2 without stopping. Total 5k time was 37:26. My treadmill time was broken down like this:

2 miles: 5.2
.25 miles 3.6
.25 miles 5.2
.35miles 3.6
.20 miles 6.4
.05 miles 5.5
Breakfast was my new favorite…Nutella on a toaster waffle! Where has Nutella been my whole life?!?
Nutella waffle