Last night we decided to go to a local restaurant because it was the last day I could use my free appetizer coupon. I opted to use the coupon for my dinner and had the loaded potato skins. Definitely not the healthiest but free dinner is always a plus!

dinner 4-4-13

This morning I jogged 1.5 miles on the treadmill and did a quick ab workout.

treadmill 4-5-13

I used the free Gain Fitness app on my Iphone to generate an ab workout:

3 sets 10 each bicycle crunches
3 sets 20 seconds each planks (the program said to hold for 30 seconds, but I’m taking baby steps!)
3 sets 10 each side crunches
10 bird dogs 5 seconds each

Full day of work ahead of me and then looking forward to Friday night dinner with my two favorite peeps!



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