Monday, Monday

Back to work today, I did a 40 minute routine on my spin bike this morning. The routine included heavy resistance, seated and standing sprints.
1. Warmup: (4 mins) Just Give Me a Reason: Pink
2. First Hill (4 mins): Thrift Shop: Macklemore
3. Seated Sprints (4 mins): You Sexy Thing, Hot Chocolate
4. Hill with Sprints (4.5 mins): I Will Wait: Mumford and Sons
5. Seated Sprints (5.5 mins): Hip Hip Chin Chin: Club Des Belugas
6. Standing Hill (4.5 mins): Little Talks: Of Monsters and Men
7. Standing Sprints ( 3.5 mins): Just Can’t Get Enough: Depeche Mode
8. Seated Sprints (3.5 mins): Hips Don’t Lie: Shakira(Wyclef Jean version)
9. Hill (4.5 mins): Shake It Out: Florence + The Machine
10. Cool down (4.5 mins): Home: Edward Sharpe
Lunch was a sandwich thin with turkey, mayo and spinach and a side of strawberries.
lunch 4-8-13
Here’s a little dose of Birdie too:
      Birdie “mom-mom tell me a joke”
      Me ” knock, knock”
      Birdie “who’s here mom-mom”
      Me “olive”
      Birdie “I don’t know olive”
My brother and mom assembled and cleaned up the bouncy horse I received for my 2nd birthday many years ago.  Looks like the Birdie is enjoying the horse as much I did!
Birdie horse 4-7-13

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