Weekend Recap

Saturday morning I woke up, hopped on the treadmill and completed a 5k in 37:14. Bryon, Birdie and I went shopping and of course stopped at the toy store. Birdie promised Dada if he took her to the toy store she would only “wook”. She kept her promise too! We walked out of the store without any toys! Bryon put Birdie on a Minnie bike and I asked him to make sure he held on to her tight.

Before the bike ride:

Birdie bike

After the bike ride:

Definitely not a picture of after riding the bike because Bry let go and Birdie crashed into a shelf. Bry quickly put the bike back and we exited!

We went to Max and Erma’s for lunch, I got the Cabo Shrimp salad.

Dinner 4-13-13

When we got home I decided to start a crafting project. More to come when it’s complete!

Sunday, Birdie and I went to Walmart and the grocery while Bryon and Uncle Daa-Daa went to charge the hoopty  so it will be ready for the summer.

When all of us regrouped Bry and I decided to run a 5k  that a local church was hosting. It was VERY cold.  If that wasn’t bad enough it started to RAIN 1.75 miles into it.  Not a PR for me but I believe I finished around 38 minutes.  The wind was brutal at times too.

Bry and me after the race in the warm car

Bry and me post race 4-14-13

A dose of Birdie:
Birdie wakes up this morning and says as usual, “Mom-mom, Dada, I’m up!”
She then proceeds to say, “Can I have my glasses on pweese so I can see what’s going on in here?”
I say “Of course Birdie”
She says “Fanks Mom-mom!”
Silly girl!
Birdie slippers



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