Archive | April 17, 2013


Monday’s dinner was a take out favorite of mine, Dave’s Cosmic Subs Veg Out sub minus the cosmic sauce and add my own mayo  at home.  Some people can’t believe I skip the cosmic sauce, but it’s a little too tangy for my tastebuds.

Daves vegout

I skipped my workout Monday  because my legs needed a rest from the two 5Ks this past weekend. I  was going to do a spin workout this morning however I hopped on the treadmill and  did two miles  in 23:57.  My legs were still pretty tired from the weekend and I didn’t have the energy to bust out  another mile to make it to three. My workplace is participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk and 5k race this weekend.  I haven’t committed to the event yet, but I’m going to make a big effort to get out there and run (ok trot) the 5k.

Dinner last night was a chicken quesadilla, refried beans and a side of guacamole (well actually two chicken quesadillas!)


A dose of Birdie:
I asked Birdie for a kiss as I was leaving for work.
She said” Mama, you need to do ONE more thing before work.”
I said “what’s that honey?”
She said “Dance the Hot Dog Dance with me!”
So there we stood in the living room dancing to the Hot Dog song on the TV with Mickey and his pals.
She’s the best!!