Archive | April 22, 2013

AHA Sunday

Well I had been hemming and hawing all week whether or not  I was going to participate in the American Heart Association 5k. A bunch of co-workers were going to participate so I had some peer pressure to show up.

Anyone that knows me knows I hate being cold. It was 34 degrees at race time. So I bundled up with my Under Armour cold gear and started out. I used the RunKeeper app and my iphone armand for the first time. RunKeeper reported at the one mile marker I was running a 10:03 mile. SAY WHAT?!?.  So I tried to slow it down a bit because I knew I had 2.1 more miles. At  1.8 miles I walked for 2.5 minutes and continued to run. I walked another 4 minutes along the way. And my time as reported on the race clock…34:50!!!! A PR!!! RunKeeper seemed a bit off and since I’d never used the app before I stopped it after I caught my breathe, but it reported I only ran 3.07. Whichever it is it still a record for me! Bry did awesome too, not quite a PR for him but did a great job!

AHA race 4-21-13