Archive | June 7, 2013

Up and at ‘Em

So I’ve been on a little hiatus from the early morning workouts. They went south (literally) right after we came home from our Disney vacation. Bry and I started our weight loss challenge at my work so I knew I needed to get in the game. Today was the morning I was going to re-commit to early morning workouts. Well guess who helped me re-commit? You guessed it…Birdie!

Around 4:00 am we hear “mama, dada, I’m up!” So Bry got Birdie back to sleep while I got a treadmill workout in and topped it off with 50 crunches on the trusty ab roller. Make fun of it if you will, but that things really works!


Have a great Friday everyone! I’m looking forward to Friday night dinner after what feels like the longest week of work ever!