Archive | June 9, 2013

Food, food and more food!

So we will call this weekend a downward spiral as far as food and the weight loss competition goes. Friday night dinner started off on plan. I got my usual salad, the ultimate chicken salad. Although it’s pretty calorie heavy I allotted for them during the day.

Saturday we decided to finally go to purchase a new mattress. I’ve hemmed and hawed for the last six months and we finally went and picked one out. Dinner was Mexican. Surprise, surprise.
Bry and I split the fajitas

Seriously could I stop there? Noooo, had to top it off with a little DQ goodness.

Nice I couldn’t even wait to take a bite out of it before I took the photo!
Sunday we had a graduation party which was filled with yummy food, but I held myself back and had a piece of fried chicken and two small cookies. Then we headed out to buy some bedding because it would’ve been too easy to get it all in one shopping trip yesterday!! Mexican for dinner again!

The Birdie was happy with our dinner choice!

On the way home from dinner we got a call from Auntie Krista and we met them at the burger ice cream shop as Birdie calls it

After our visit was over we stopped for a quick trip to the playground. It was too chilly and windy to stay long though.