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Weekend Recap

Friday started out with three miles on the treadmill.
I really need to quit eating my Nutella topped toaster waffles on the way to work. You know you are cool when your steering wheel has dried Nutella on it.
Friday night dinner consisted of shrimp scampi. It was eh.

Saturday morning I treadmilled again

By the way, I really love these shoes! Brooks, who knew how awesome they would be!?!


The Birdie had quite a traumatic morning. Who am I kidding, it was way more traumatic for me. Apparently twirling into the upstairs coffee table while playing ballerina wasn’t enough, not an hour later the same thing happened on the downstairs coffee table! Oh, and hey, guess whose third birthday is Thursday? Those pictures will be quite the memory huh? I think I’m getting her a bubble wrap suit for her birthday.


She felt good enough to want to go to Max and Erma’s for supper though!


Have a great week!

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