Archive | August 23, 2013

Seriously? The Color Run

Yep, seriously. I signed up for the Color Run! One month from Saturday Bryon and I and some friends will be participating in the Color Run.

As stated on their website “the Color Run, also known as the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.

Less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life, The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer.”

C’mon how fun does this look?!?


And I found a discount code for $5 off on this blog: LoveEatRun. I stumbled upon this blog several months back when I was checking out Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I have to give Jenny and her blog credit for giving me motivation to start my own blog. If you haven’t checked it out you really should. Although the blog is filled with great health and fitness tips my favorite part of her blog is the adorable pictures of her twin niece and nephew!

I REALLY want to bring the Birdie in her jogging stroller, but I’m not sold on the fact that although the color comes from colored cornstarch, it would be the best thing for her to breathe in at her young age. So maybe when she’s old enough to finish the race with her own two legs, we will participate as a family.