Archive | September 2, 2013

Our Weekend of Randomness

Thursday evening started with Birdie’s swim lesson with Kaitlyn. She won’t be able to give Birdie lessons for a while because she’s training. I proceeded to ask her for what? She proceeded to say the 2016 Olympics. Oh. Got it. We started talking and she missed going to the last Olympics by a half of second. Seriously? They couldn’t have rounded down for her!? Anyway, she’s the sweetest and Birdie really digs her.

Dinner Friday was at our usual place. I ordered chicken and pasta with extra mushroom sauce. Yum.

Saturday morning Bryon ditched Birdie and I for a round of golf, so we hit the trail for 3.1 slow, hot, humid miles. But we did it! Sunday morning my arms, actually my triceps, were killing me! Don’t judge, just be thankful you don’t have wimpy arms like me.

Birdie and me after our trot. Halfway though our trot the Bird started singing. It really kept me going, what a happy kiddo!

Saturday afternoon I felt awful. I had a terrible headache and did not feel right. I attributed it to sinuses but looking back I think I may have been dehydrated. I know I don’t drink enough water daily let alone while working out in the humidity.

Sunday we went to the apple orchard and we all got dessert. I chose the apple cider donut, Bryon chose an apple cinnamon muffin and Birdie chose a chocolate chip cookie.



Is it just me or does Birdie look really grown up in this picture?

Before dinner and after my donut digested I hopped on the treadmill for three miles

Have a great week everyone!