Archive | September 13, 2013

Absolutely Nothing

This week, besides work, has been filled with absolutely nothing. Birdie and I both have colds so we are laying low. I did mange to walk on the treadmill twice but that’s it.


I do have a dose of Birdie though…
Yesterday I called her at lunch to see how preschool went. She says ‘mama, you are disrupting me right now, I’ll tell you about school later.’ And then proceeds to hand over the phone to my mom. Seriously? Calling Birdie halfway through my workday is my bright spot and helps make it through to 3:30 and she blows me off?!? When I picked her up and we got in the car, she says, ‘Mama, will you forgive me for not telling you about my day?’ Of course I said yes. Then she proceeds to ask ‘can we go to the toy store and buy me Minnie’s pet shop salon?’ Oh my word she’s three! What’s going to happen when she’s ten?!?