Archive | September 22, 2013

The Color Run

Soooo yesterday was the Color Run. Anndddd it was a monsoon. Buuutttttt we still had a pretty great time!

We arrived at 7:15 am and jumped right in with a little Zumba. None of our team arrived yet but Bry I had a lot of fun Zumba-ing dancing around flailing my arms and legs in the what at the time was a rain sprinkle.

Once the rest of our team arrived we made our way to the starting point. Then came the pretty heavy rain. The race started 30 minutes late, which kind of stunk. There were approximately 5000 runners and we we were in the fourth group to go through the starting corral. I believe at each kilometer there was a different color sprayed and great music. Even though it was a monsoon, I throughly enjoyed the fourth kilometer station, yellow color and Shake your SeƱora.

A few tips I’d like to pass on:

1. Keep your phone in a ziplock. I actually got some pretty good photos with the phone in the bag.

2. Arrive early. When they say arrive early they mean it.

3. Bring beach towels and secure them to your car seats before the race. I put the towels between the head rests and top of the seats and when we were ready to leave we hopped in the car and took off.

I could’ve done without the downpour, but the rain helped the color spread and I think our shirts look pretty cool!