Archive | October 10, 2013

Diet Pepsi No More

Oh the love I have for Diet Pepsi!

However starting today, I’m giving it up cold turkey. I know I can do it. I did it before. I gave it up on the spot when I found out I was pregnant with the Birdie. Not one sip the whole nine months. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, but I have a feeling it’s going to be rough!

As far as workouts go, I’ve been treadmilling on and off. I’m going to try and maintain a consistency with this through the holidays. In February we have our yearly health screenings at work for our wellness program. Every year I’ve been in the healthy body fat fat range for women, but last year I was almost over so I need to keep it in check. Not to mention we get a rebate check back for our insurance premiums for completing the program. And it’s not chump change let me tell ya!
Wednesday and this morning’s workout (yep that’s right, I was on the treadmill at 4:35 this morning)


Here’s a couple pictures of Little K’s first birthday party this past weekend
Birdie and her BFF

The kids at the party