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I Still Can’t Decide

I still can’t decide if I like fall first or summer. I think summer wins by a tiny bit because as much as I like fall, I know what comes next, and that, I can’t stand! I hate winter and I hate being cold.

This was another perfect weekend for us.

Between Bry and me we must’ve practiced trick or treating with the Birdie 100 times. She loved pretending to trick or treat.

We went trick or treating to the nursing home where my mother in law works. I don’t want to brag too much about Birdie’s manners but she has pretty great manners for a three year old. She remembered to say thank you and have a nice day to every single resident that was passing out candy. I was a pretty proud mama.

Grammy and the Bird

After trick or treating we ran a bunch of errands and ended up eating a late lunch/early dinner at yep you guessed it

Oh how I love thee

After our errands we came home and made treat bags for Birdie’s Halloween party at school Thursday

Birdie filled up 12 bags all by herself and daddy tied them up


And the icing on the cake Saturday night…my mom sent over one of her homemade apple pies. A little slice of heaven on earth!

Sunday Bry ran a 5K with some coworkers and Birdie and I went to the diner for breakfast. In the afternoon our town had trick or treat. Trick or treating outside with Birdie = 2 houses. One of which is Baba and Dziadza’s house. Dziadza tried to scare Birdie when she rang the bell. I don’t know who laughed harder, Baba or Birdie.

As far as my workouts and healthy eating, I’ve been rockin’ it. I’ve been treadmilling almost every day and watching my calorie intake pretty well. Ok, well I fell off the wagon today for dinner, but got right back on it!