Archive | November 17, 2013

I’m Back

Saturday started with a much needed hair appointment. My word, the grays sure are popping out! After my hair appointment I picked Birdie up at home and we headed to Auntie Krista’s to watch Big K and Little K while Krista and Dan ran some errands. I would be lying if I thought I was going to be in a little over my head! Turns out the girls were angels and we had a great time!
Big K’s Mr. Potato Head

Birdie trying to make sure Little K had no chance of becoming dehydrated!

Jut tidying up a little

Later in the afternoon we went to, you guessed it, Chipotle again and ran some errands of our own.

Sunday we stayed in and I went to town organizing. You would’ve thought it was spring cleaning time! I made crockpot white chicken chili for dinner. It was pretty delicious!