Archive | January 13, 2014

Surgery is Behind Us

I went back and forth as to whether I was going to write a post about Birdie’s strabismus surgery, but I decide I would because it as consumed so much of head these past few months and really consumed it bad the last week.

As I type this we are home Birdie is sleeping off the anesthesia and the doctor feels the surgery went very well. I haven’t had a chance to actually look at Birdie’s eyes to see the result yet. The unfortunate part is her eyes can get better and worse over time even with this surgery while they adjust to the new muscle placement given a false sense of hope. The second unfortunate part is that she may need additional surgeries.

We arrived at the hospital at 6 am this morning and surgery was at 7:15 am. Amazingly, for all the tears I’ve shed over this my autopilot kicked in and I was stronger than I thought. Well at least until Birdie lost it when she had to change into the hospital gown. She wanted to keep her Doc McStuffins jammies on and had a total meltdown. Like, and I quote, ‘get my Doc, Pluto, jammies and bag and get me outta here!’. In the midst of this my brother in law, who works at the children’s hospital showed up. Nope, Birdie didn’t even want anything to do with Uncle Kurty.

She was so worked up that they had Bryon put on a pair of scrubs and go into the OR with Birdie while they gave her the anesthesia. Uncle Kurty sat with me until Bry came out. He did say she calmed down and didn’t fight the anesthesia mask.

While Bry and Kurt went to the cafeteria I read all of the texts of well wishes that were sent. That helped, although I did she’d some tears reading them.

Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes later we were talking to the doctor and then met Birdie in the recovery room. She was pretty worked up again when she woke up, but the nurse told her if she took five sips of water she could get her IV out ad go home. Well she did that quicker than you can imagine and we were on our way home. Unfortunately (you might want to skip a few sentences if you get queasy easily) I had to catch vomit twice from recovery to the car. It’s amazing how a mom will extend their hand without a second thought for tasks such as these!

Birdie slept most of the afternoon and was very hungry, but not much stayed down. Luckily she is drinking water. Here’s to a restful night for the three of us!