Archive | January 21, 2014

Weigh In Week One

Sunday started off with breakfast at the diner. I actually realized I missed the diner the past few weeks since We had the Bird in a even bigger bubble than usual. We wanted to ensure she wouldn’t get sick and her surgery would have to be postponed. All of the regulars (most from the senior citizen crowd) were welcoming us back and checking in on Birdie. It was pretty sweet and made our morning.

My usual diner breakfast: two dipable eggs, white toast and crispy bacon. With a small diet coke.


And Birdie’s usual: French toast sticks, syrup and crispy bacon. Birdie made it well known she wanted a picture of her breakfast on the blog too!

Lunch was shrimp avocado salad from the Skinnytaste website. I thought I should warn you,a pound of shrimp is very expensive. I generally don’t pay too much attention to our weekly grocery bill, but the price of a pound of shrimp made me do a double take. The salad was worth it though.

Yesterday was a week since the work weight loss competition started. Week one and I’m down 4.4 pounds. Go team Tour de Fat!

I thought I would share a text that went on between my teammates Cheryl, Alan and me regarding the competition

We are totally keeping each other accountable and are not going to let our teammates down!