Archive | January 27, 2014

Weigh In Day

Today was our first weigh in of our eight week contest. We are two weeks into the contest. I’m down 4.8 pounds! Go me! My teammates did equally well with their weigh ins too!

I treadmilled both days this past weekend and even finished a 5K on the treadmill thanks to a couple of Friends episodes. Seriously, I’ve seen them all 50 times each and I still cry when Rachel takes the pregnancy test in the bathroom at Monica’s wedding and Ross and Rachel get together during the last episode. It made my treadmill time fly by! I walked a minute at 3.6 and then ran a minute at 6.0. That made the time go by fast too!


More fun then treadmilling (we were pretty much snowed in this weekend) was baking cookies in Birdie’s new Easy Bake Oven from Auntie Heather!


Here’s to another successful weigh in in two weeks!