Archive | June 19, 2014

Car drama and steps day three

So I am having car drama. It started out like this. I need new brakes. Bryon tries to get the wheels off. Said wheels won’t come off. Lug nuts (or something that sounds like that) won’t budge. Take my Jeep to the fixit guy. Guy can’t get them off. Apparently his guys break tools and don’t tell him. Has to find a tool to remove the nuts. Day two, wheels fixed. As fixit guy is fixing one of the wheels dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree. Figures out I need a new sensor. So now we are on day three and hopefully I will get my car back.

I’m still going strong on the steps programs too.

I found out one of the guys at our shop has logged 20,000 steps each day so far. So I’m pretty sure I’m out of the running (no pun intended) for the free appointment for a fitting and a free pair of shoes up to $150.00, but depending on how many steps you log throughout the whole program, I could receive a $30 gift card. I’ll take free money any day.