Archive | July 7, 2014

4th of July weekend recap

One word. Awesome. We spent Friday at my parents’ lakehouse


Saturday we woke up and did four miles on the lake trail. Beautiful as always.

We hung out for a while and took a ride through the harbor. I told Bryon we really need to try all of the eateries down there. Maybe this should be my New Years resolution.

We ended up eating dinner at a local Italian restaurant

Dessert was this awesome peanut butter bomba

Sunday was a laid back day, well sort of, up until we received a call from my Dad that my brother got pinned by his tractor that rolled down a hill at my parents’ house. Thank God, he somehow managed to get himself out from under the tractor. Did I mention there’s a shallow ravine? Thank God he didn’t land and get pinned face first into the water. Someone above sure was looking out for him today.

So except for the accident that could’ve been 100 times worse, another pretty good weekend in the books.