Archive | October 21, 2014

Testing out being a SAHM

This week wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. We should be in the sun and fun at WDW. But yep, I’m one of those, one of those that usually doesn’t watch the news because it depresses me and freaks me out. Well I just happen to stumble upon the Cleveland news regarding the Ebola patient flying in and out of it three days before we were supposed to. And that’s all it took for me to postpone going to Disney. 153 people around the Cleveland area being watched and three in quarantine. Nope, not risking it. I should point out that if I didn’t have a four year old that isn’t that best about not touching things and putting her fingers in her mouth, we probably would’ve made the trip.

Here’s what happened the last time we we’re on a plane (which by the way, we haven’t flown out of the Cleveland airport since Birdie was born), we fly out of a different airport, but nope not this time, tickets were cheaper…see how that worked out?

Birdie, I have to go potty
Me: ok let’s go
Have you ever been in an airplane bathroom with a preschooler? First off I need to get the extra long potty cover on the toilet seat, while saying fifty times ‘don’t touch ANYTHING’.

So I get that all situated and the stewardess is pushing on the bathroom door, ‘ma’am, this door needs to be closed’. Well miss stewardess I’m sorry my juicy doubles are preventing me from properly shutting the door, but could you throw me a bone?

So once Birdie is done I need to figure out how to get the seat cover in the teeny tiny trash can without germing me or her up. Then washing hands in a one foot by one foot space for two people is a good time too.

Bryon did suggest driving the 16 hours. Oh that sounds like a good time, not! So Birdie and I reset the countdown calendar for May and we will try again.

I still took the time off to test out being a stay at home mom. Day one was great, more on that later.