Archive | July 13, 2015

A week of a couple firsts…sort of

Lily had her first dental cleaning Thursday. She did really well.   


The weekend was great too. Perfect weather. I said screw it to the grocery and laundry Saturday and did a bunch of fun stuff with Bryon and Birdie.

We started out with four miles on the lake trail. Birdie has her mind set on doing a fun run by the end of the year. She ran a little more than a quarter mile without stopping. 

Saturday was My mom’s birthday too. My mom and dad had a retirement party to attend so we will celebrate together with Bryon since his birthday is next Saturday, but Lily and I stopped over for a bit to visit. 

We had an early dinner at Eddie’s too.
  Sunday I got the grocery shopping and laundry done as early as possible and then we took Birdie to an empty parking lot to try out her big girl bike again. Grammy and Grampy got her the bike last year for her birthday but on her party day she crashed into my dad’s car and hasn’t been on it since! Oy!

Birdie’s PSA for bike safety