Archive | January 18, 2016

Sick of winter already

I’m sick of the snow already. The weekend wasn’t a total bust though. Friday night dinner was nice.

Oh those teeth are falling out left and right these days!

Saturday I got up and treadmilled and then went to the grocery all before my 10:30 hair appointment. 

After my hair appointment I came home and we decide to run some errands. Bry wanted a new and tie for The Cinderella Dance that he is taking Birdie to at her school in a couple weeks. Oh and by the way, I hear they have a dance competition at the dance and Bird is all set to win it! Ummm, maybe Bry can wow the judges with his lawnmower move!  

Of course our errands included Target and Birdie bought some accessories for her American Girl dolls and this was the scene of our living room Sunday morning.


And pretty much was the site of our living room all day long!

Have a great week!