Archive | January 20, 2016

Random facts about me

I saw this questionnaire online and thought why not.

I’m happiest when I’m with Bryon and Birdie. 

I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii.

I was terrible at Econ. In fact I had to use my two freshman forgivenesses to retake both Econ 101 and 102. By the time I was retaking 102 the teacher called me up to her desk and asked me if I thought about becoming an Econ major because she thought I had a knack for it. Ummm  yeah I probably do after taking basically the same class four times! 
My family and I love Disney World…and Chipotle. We won’t be going back to the latter I’m pretty sure. :( 

My first job was babysitting at age 11.
I could probably eat ice cream everyday.

I stole tic tacs from my grandparents tavern when I was very young. I was caught by my Great Uncle, but he let me keep them.

My all-time favorite movie is Pretty Woman. 

I met my husband in high school.

I always knew I wanted to move back to my hometown after college. 

I’m not afraid to…I’m afraid of everything.

I make the best chicken quesadillas according to Birdie. 
I have almost no flexibility. I can’t touch my toes without bending my knees. 

I always cry when all the time. 

At 5, I was deeply in love with Donny Osmond.

Whenever Friends is on I’ll watch it and speak the dialogue at the same time.