Archive | January 24, 2016

We beat cabin fever

Saturday started out with errands bright and early. I got my butt to Walmart by 7:30 am because we were taking Birdie to a make up gymnastics class. I have no pictures of her class because it was wall to wall kids on the floor. I think I’ll suck it up and make sure we make our regular weeknight class! 

Sunday morning Birdie and I got to work making crockpot chicken chili   Yeah, Christmas was a month ago, but Birdie misses her elf Nina so she wears these pjs any chance she gets!

Then Bry and Birdie convinced me to beat our cabin fever and go snow tubing. 

 So I’ll admit, it was a good time. We had a three hour pass and Birdie was spent at the two hour mark. She even asked Bry to carry her back to the car. She kept saying over and over what a great time she had. It made my heart happy.

I even managed to take a video while going down the hill!

Birdie’s first time snow tubing
And we ended our outing with a stop at Panera for a cookie (I had a cinnamon chip scone…heaven!) and some hot chocolate.

 Despite the cold temperature and snow, we really had a great weekend! 

Have a great week!!