Archive | February 11, 2016

It’s a never ending battle

Once again we have yet another weight loss competition that started yesterday at work. Well of course I signed up because who doesn’t love a fresh, new slate to help aid in losing weight? 

This time the game is a bit different though, no teams, all individual participants. And the grand prize…$500! So we will see how I do this time around. Maybe, just maybe, if I put my mind to it I can place in one of the top three spots for some cash.

Thanks to my friend, Jodi, I started day one with a refreshing juice. Phew, it was tough getting that puppy down. 

I also came across a Valentine’s project on Facebook that I am doing for Birdie. She loves waking up every morning to a new heart.

 Andddd I helped out in Birdie’s classroom today for her Valentine’s party. Wow! The kids were wound up even before they ate all the sugar! It was a good time though.