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Valentine’s weekend

The theme for our Valentine’s weekend was low key. The three of us went out to dinner Friday and hibernated Saturday because it’s been frigid cold and snowy.

We actually were getting furniture delivered Saturday morning. We converted Birdie’s toddler bed to a full. And surprisingly she slept in it the whole night! She started out in it and didn’t come into our room until 7:05 Sunday morning! She did tell me she got up to go to the bathroom too and even went back into her own bed! Usually when she has to get up to go potty she ends up in our bed. 


We also exchanged Valentine’s gifts Saturday because Bry and my dad had to go to calling hours 1-1/2 hours from home Sunday.    

 Uncle David made an appearance at our house too. He took our old recliners for the basement in his new house. *Tigger stayed with us. 

Sunday started out by getting up and treadmilling and watching the Mindy Project.  Then Birdie and I made chicken chili in the crockpot. After Bry left Birdie and I did a melty bead project.  She did a good job.

It turned out to be a good weekend, but I’m really ready for spring! Have a good week!