Archive | June 20, 2016

Staycation Summer 2016

Bryon and I decided about two months ago to postpone our Disney trip which was supposed to be last week. We always go in May and with Birdie in Kindergarten this year she had a bunch of extra things going on in May with school. I have to say I’m thankful we decided to say home. I really can’t stop thinking of the horrible things that have happened in Orlando this past week.  And on top of it our reservations were for the Grand Floridian. 

Sunday we went to Cedar Point. Bryon and I are past our prime for riding the coasters, but we had fun going on the rides with Bird and hanging out by the pool.

This was our morning view from the hotel…nice huh?

Tuesday we hung out at the pool and had an early picnic dinner at the lake before Birdie’s tennis clinic

Wednesday morning we took a quick trot on the lake trail, played putt putt and went to the park.

Thursday we checked out an awesome park that is in memory of a little boy. It is handicapped accessible and the park was made possible by donors raising 3 million dollars.

And Friday we decided to horseback ride. I am going to spare you the picture of me riding the horse because it was a disaster (although I had a lot of fun). I seriously was Alice on the donkey from the Brady Bunch in the Grand Canyon episode. Birdie on the other hand loved it and even enjoyed trotting on the horse. I was so impressed because besides pony rides in a controlled area, she has never been on a horse. I wish I could’ve gotten video of her trotting, but there wasn’t any way I was getting my phone out of my pocket. This was a true trail ride and at one point all I could do was pray because three inches from the path was a huge cliff we could’ve plummeted down. This whole big forest and the trail was that close to a huge cliff, eesshhh. Oh and did I mention my dismount from the horse was basically falling off of him since my foot was caught in the stirrup? Bryon did some quick thinking and caught me thank God!

I needed a snack after that anxiety ridden ride, yay for a potty break at Cracker Barrel.

Friday night dinner was back at home eating BBQ at a local restaurant watching the boats come in the harbor.

Staycation 2016 was a great success!