Archive | February 6, 2017

Catholic schools week, good times. And the weekend.

This past week was catholic schools week. Bird’s school had so much fun planned. And then it snowed for two days…whomp, whomp. 

But the week was salvaged by the administration scrambling to reschedule the infamous jungle guy with all his creepy crawlies. And we can’t forget roller skating! Well of course it was a good idea to take approximately 120 K-2nd graders roller skating!  All kidding aside, I had THE BEST day! 

It started off having coffee with my neighbor, Beth, before we headed to the roller rink. Good conversation. Why don’t moms make more time for things like coffee dates…sigh.

Beth and her son. I’m pretty sure not one thing has change at this place since I was a kid.

The kids had a great time!

Not pictured above, my lack of skates on the rink floor. I would’ve been of no use to the kids had I had skates on!

After the roller skating was done, I was all prepared to take Birdie home with me since the rest of the day didn’t consist of any learning, but then I had a brilliant idea…lunch with the moms that chaperoned the field trip! So off four of us went to a local pizza place to eat until it was time for school pick up.

Clearly I don’t get to school as early as Baba does to pick up Bird. I was wayyyyy in the back of the line. Oops. When my mom picks Birdie up she’s at the front of the line and gets to jet out of there. Not this cat…

Saturday started out with a little fashion plate action for Bird and a little work preparing a report that needs to be done Monday, for me.

Then it was on to making Birdie’s Valentines for her class. #thanksPinterest

Sunday afternoon was a basketball game for Bird. Her team won all their games so far with the exception of one tie game.

Then the three of us decided to go get ice cream because Dairy Queen recently opened for the season. Birdie and I were cracking up. Bryon was standing at the ‘please use other window’ window.

At the time this post was written, the super bowl hadn’t started. I don’t care who wins only that Bryon and I hit on one of our squares and win some money! 

Have a good week everyone!