Archive | February 13, 2017

It was a long week, but a good week

This week seemed forever long. But here we are at Sunday again.

A little Monday night Uno game.

Guess who won…

We made a mid-week grocery trip to get ingredients for the chocolate chip gooey bars I was going to make for the ‘Mom’s skipping the ball’ party.

Saturday before the daddy/daughter dance Bird and I got to work on preparing the games for her class valentines party.

Of course the scraps make a good craft too 😉

I cut the gooey bars and took some photos of a Bry and Birdie before we headed to our neighbors for pizza before the dads and daughters left for the dance.

The girls before the dance.

See that kitchen island back there? That’s where all the moms hung out for 2.5 glorious hours while the dads and daughters were at the dance. It was some great girlfriend time. 

Sunday Bry even helped prepare for the class party before Birdie’s basketball game.

Bird’s game was not the team’s best performance. Half of her first grade team stayed up way too late Saturday night partying back at our neighbor’s house after the dance. It was not a good sight. There was yelling and even tears on the court from one one Bird’s teammates who played hard the night before while his sister was at the dance.

Ice cream was definitely needed as a pick me up after the game with a final score of 10 to zero. :(

Here’s to a better game next week! Have a great week everyone!