Archive | February 20, 2017

Valentine’s party fun and the usual

Birdie’s class valentines party was this past Tuesday. Loads of fun! Those kids=happiness. I walk in the room and one of Bird’s classmates says ‘Hi! Are we playing games at the party?!’ Why yes we are buddy! 

We started out with some games at the kids’ tables. I found all the games on Pinterest.

Bingo using conversation hearts for markers.

Valentines minute to win it. The kids had a baggie of different candies and they had to fit it in the correct space before the minute was up.


I spy valentines edition.

Then we moved to the gym for some more games.

Pass the tissue paper heart without ripping it using a clothespin. How many times did we have to remind the kids to not clip the clothespin on their noses or other body parts?!

A relay game where the kids had to run to the other end of the gym, pick up a heart and do whatever it says on the way back. Skip, hop like a bunny, walk like a bear.  They were cheering and yelling so loud! I thought the principal would come by to see what the commotion was! 

A little blurry but we gave half the kids an addition math equation on a heart and then they had to go around and find the kid with the answer and pair up.

It was a really great party! I’m a little sad it’s the last party of the year, but also not really because they were a lot of work. So many good memories were made though!

The rest of our Valentine’s Day was nice too.

Friday night we went out for sushi.

Saturday morning started out with Bryon working and a hair appointment for me.

Dinner was out at a BBQ place. 

Birdie loves pulled pork!

Sunday afternoon Birdie had a basketball game. Her team played so much better than last week. They actually played like a team. They tied 10-10. I figured out I’m going to be one of those moms that can’t contain themselves during a close game. Since these are all of Bird’s schoolmates I do cheer for all the teams, but man those kids are really good at making the ball ride around the rim and getting it in like 50% of the time! My heart was racing for most of the 24 minute game (that counts as cardio right?!  ;))

Speaking of cardio, Saturday I treadmilled 4 miles in 53:38 minutes and Sunday Birdie joined me in the below workout I found on Pinterest, which I adapted for my fitness level. During the treadmill portion the treadmill was set to 5.0 mph. 

Have a great week!!