Archive | August 6, 2017

Disney World 2017 2.0

Apparently we didn’t get enough Disney in May so we went back for a few days in July.  I have no idea what changed with Birdie, but between May and July she became a roller coaster enthusiast! I had this grandiose plan for this trip to got to the parks in the mornings and hang out by the pool in the afternoons. Well I had to throw that plan out the window. Bird had this great idea to ride every roller coaster in Disney this trip. So that’s exactly what we did. (I think, if primeval whirl is a roller coaster then we missed one). And we were pretty lucky because it rained when we first arrived so we the lunch at Gasparilla Grill and by the time we were done it stopped. Actually while we were in the restaurant it it not only rained, it stormed. I wasn’t sad about it because we haven’t had a good storm at home all summer so I sat back and enjoyed it.

We had a fast pass for test track, but since it rained we had to wait for the track to dry and the ride to open so we rode Soarin’, Figment and the Mexican boat ride before going over to test track. Clearly she loved it.

We decided to purchase the Extra Morning Magic in Fantasyland for the next morning. With the tickets you get unlimited rides starting at 7:45am on Peter Pan’s Flight, Winnie the Pooh and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train plus breakfast at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. It really was worth the extra money we rode Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh numerous times and we rode Seven Dwarfs seven times. 

Our first ride, Bird’s a little unsure…

And a subsequent ride…

Space mountain

Expedition Everest

Splash Mountain

We wouldn’t have been able to ride The Aerosmith coaster but we received an anytime fast pass the day we were going to Hollywood Studios because our bus was late so we used it on Aerosmith. 

And we even managed to meet some characters. 

And time keeps marching on…

For throwing this trip together semi-last minute in Disney terms, it sure was a blast. I realize how blessed we are to go to Disney as much as we do. We have so many great memories from our trips and I think I might be raising a Disney Junkie just like me so hopefully we can vacation at Disney or years to come.