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Happenings lately

Summer is winding down quicker than I would like it to but I've had a few moments of feeling ready for fall too. It has been a great summer thus far and even though there is officially more summer, with school starting our lazy evenings and later nights are coming to an end.

Birdie and her tennis coach Kayla at their last lesson before Kayla heads off to her senior year of college.

'Mama, take a picture of my twist cone'. This was a big deal because I thought Bird was chocolate for life, but she branched out to twist and loves it!

Bry took Bird to the fair last week.

'Bird, do really need a pony ride at the fair? You ride horses all the time!'

'Yessss, I do need a pony ride!'


Girl's Day!

All ready for a friend's birthday party!

Got the labeler out and Birdie and I went to town labeling all her school supplies. It's my favorite piece of office equipment!

Not shown: Birdie's sad face when we discovered we ran out of pink label tape and had to use boring black and white.

And to top the past weekend off, Bird and Bryon tried out the canopy tour at the lake. They had a great time. I was a nervous wreck on the ground. At one point the guide standing next to me joked, 'the bar is open, Ma'am!' lol

I had to wear a helmet too even though I wasn't going up. In case someone fell?!? Really?!

Climbing up the tower to get started.

Man, she's high up there!

Our awesome guides after completion.

As for plans for the week, both Birdie's 7th Birthday and the first day of school fall on the same day this year. Bryon and I took the day off and luckily she only has to go a half day so we will hang out with her in the afternoon.

Have a great day everyone!

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