Archive | September 5, 2017

Labor Day weekend

It was a nice, long weekend in our neck of the woods. Friday night started out with sushi and chillin’ out and Saturday morning we got our sweat on. Birdie and her friend went to kidfit and his mom and I treadmilled while the dad’s worked out too. Later in the afternoon I committed to trying out a cardio tennis class with my friend Allison. I have no idea why I said yes. As you can see from the photo below, it was a dreary day and we were the only two to show up! It started raining about 15 minutes into the class and thank God we had to stop. There was shuffling and tossing a ball to your partner and also one of those ladder things you hop over on the ground. In the short 15 minutes I was pooped. The jury is still out if I’d go back.

Where is everyone?!? Lol

That evening we dropped Bird off at my parents and headed to our friends Patti and Dale’s for a get together complete with a shrimp boil. They have an awesome outdoor kitchen and although it was dreary we had a great time.

Sunday was filled with errands and chipotle for dinner. Always a plus!

Monday the troops got to work washing cars bright and early!

The last day for slices at the lake for us. Yes we eat in the car, the tables by the pizza place are on an incline and I’m not down with it.

After pizza we went on a hike. All the years we’ve lived here and how I rave about the lake trail and how I love to run on it, we’ve never gone off the beaten path and hiked. I won’t say I won’t hike there again but some parts scared me with the Bird and some cliffs by the water.

I wish we had three day weekends every week! Have a good week everyone!