Archive | November 6, 2017

Has it almost been a month?!

So what’s been going on with us? Life as usual with some fall fun thrown in.

Bry and the Bird worked super hard on this year’s trunk or treat for school. They came in second place! They’ve placed two years in a row!

I’m homeroom mom again with my partner in crime for Bird’s class. We planned a rockin’ party. The teacher told us best party everrrrr!! Thank you Pinterest!

And boy how times change, I vowed never to wear a holiday shirt on the holiday and here I am ‘momin’ it out’ in my cheap Amazon Halloween shirt!

Bird and I stopped at my parents’ house after the class Halloween party and Birdie conned my mom into playing the vampire teeth transfer the marshmallow game with her. Baba won hands down!

There was some pumpkin carving taking place too later in the month.

We had a Halloween potluck at work. We had a bunch of good food and fellowship.

I’m pretty sure that hanging birdhouse planter thing in the above photo has been there since the 80s!

Hope you have a good week and I’ll check in again soon I hope!