Archive | January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

So here we are again, a new year, a clean slate. I like 70% of Americans have never kept my New Years resolutions. I am going to write down a few and see if I can stick to them.

Resolution #1 I learned in the last couple years that meal planning and prep on the weekends is key for us to eat health(ish) and not eat pizza four times a week. So that is an on going resolution, meal prep. I signed up for Six Sisters’ weekly meal plan back in August when they were having a 60% off sale. I chose their healthy plan. I can honestly say I’ve made many of the recipes more than once. If any of you are in a meal planning rut, this may be your ticket to getting out of the rut.

Resolution #2 is to read 12 books this year. Bryon gave me a kindle paperwhite for Christmas and I am excited to start reading on it. I’m pretty sure I read one and only one book in 2018: Class Mom by Laurie Gelman. I recommend it, I highly recommend it. Laugh out loud funny. Especially if you are in the stage of life I am and are a class mom.

Resolution #3 run a 5k in under 38 minutes. I did it once pre-Birdie and I can do it again.

Resolution #4 drink more water. I stink at drinking water, I actually stink at drinking liquid in general!

And the obligatory Resolution #5 lose 25 pounds. I have no idea why I’m even writing this one but one can hope and pray. Hey I have an idea, how about in addition to prayer I put the hard work into it and actually try!?!?

Happy New Year everyone!