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Weekend recap

Friday,  April 26, 2013

We celebrated  Grammy’s birthday today. We had a little get together for Grammy at her house with pizza and cake.  Birdie had a great time but gets very shy when Happy Birthday is sung.  I have no idea why as it is usually not her birthday. She loves to throw pretend birthday parties for everyone, but when it comes to actually singing the song and blowing out the candles, shyness prevails. Birdie and K helped Grammy open her gifts.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Every time we are at Grammy’s Birdie loves to play with K’s piano. K decided she was a little old for the piano last night and told Birdie she could have it. Birdie was VERY happy. So this is how Birdie rolled Saturday morning. Apparently our house was a little cold.


Today was also Dziadza’s birthday   We went out to dinner and back to Baba’s and Dziadza’s house for cake and presents.

Dziadza and Birdie candles Dad's bday collage