Archive | May 7, 2013

Get Up!!

Although my new Fitbit Flex alarm went off at 4:25 am Monday I could not get myself out of bed to workout.  I had to laugh a little. The Flex claims its “silent” alarm will wake you up but not your partner. I beg to differ. It vibrated so loud that it startled me up at which point I could not get the alarm to shut off so I kept tapping and tapping the thing until it shut off. Needless to say it woke my partner up! Poor Bry!

Since I didn’t workout Monday morning, Birdie and I headed to the basement after work and I completed a 25 minute workout:


Birdie even joined me for a few jumping jacks and crunches! I was a sweaty mess after I was done.

This morning I made myself get up and bust out 2.5 miles on the treadmill because I have an appointment with a friend after work for pedicures and supper.  I knew I had to workout this morning or I wouldn’t get a workout in.  I completed the 2.5 miles in 29:55.

Have a great day everyone!!