Archive | May 23, 2013

Wholly Guacamole!

I am on our wellness committee at my workplace.  We decided to have a weight loss competition that will run 12 weeks.  It will be teams of two and the team with the most percentage lost will win $100.00 each.  Additionally, if individually a participant loses 5% they get $25.00.  We’ve added a couple additional components.  If a participant keeps and turns in a food diary for at least 60 days they get an extra percent.  If they exercise for at least 30 minutes 60 days or more they get an extra percent.  By doing this the committee thought we would be incorporating all aspects of healthy weight loss. We will weigh in every three weeks and record progress.  So starting May 30th I need to start limiting my consumption of:


A dose of Birdie:

A friend of mine known to Birdie as Mr. Scott sent a little gift home for her that he received in his monthly Goodies subscription box.  He knows Birdie loves guacamole so he gave her a Wholly Guacamole chip clip! She was very happy!