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Weekend Recap

After Friday morning’s not so great outcome, the afternoon redeemed itself nicely with Panera for lunch and Mexican for dinner. Chips and salsa make everything better!

Saturday I had a hair appointment. When I got home this was waiting for me

My first goodie box from the Goodies Co! I was a little more excited about the package arriving than what was actually in the box.
We had a get together in the late afternoon at some friends’ house. Birdie was very excited to play with K! They were great buddies for the afternoon.

Sunday we had Brookie’s graduation party! She’ll be off and running to college soon!

I love graduation party food! Fried chicken, YUMMY! Even the Bird took a nibble of a carrot! She’s really expanding her pallet!

We hung out with Auntie Krista, Dan and the girls too.

Here’s a picture of Mickey (Brooke’s mom) Krista and me. We met many years ago at Jazzercise

And to end the weekend on the sweetest note of all

Have a great week everyone!!