Archive | July 1, 2013

Birthday weekend!

Friday was a pretty awful day at work. It’s 2013 so when your business’ Internet connection goes out, something hits the fan. And the best part-it will be fixed some time in the fourth quarter. My first question to our support guy was: is there a football game going on today? Um no like fourth quarter of the year!! Awesome. Guess we start shopping for a new provider pronto.
Once 3:30 pm came and the weekend was starting things were looking up. Friday night dinner was right around the corner at a winery. I didn’t have any energy to go any farther. Plus I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

Bry and I each had a special for the night. Bry had salmon and I had a chicken pasta dish. The Birdie had chicken strips and homemade chips. A little greasy and over done in my opinion.

Saturday was the day I turned 39. For some reason I was very calm about it. Scarily approaching 40 and its not even phasing me.

We had a graduation party to attend that had an awesome candy table. I could’ve easily opening my purse and poured all of the sugary goodness into it. Instead I followed protocol and filled the cute little bag.

Sour worms make my teeth hurt like nobody’s business but I love them!
My birthday dinner was none other than Chipotle.

Before dinner we made a quick stop at Build A Bear. Making a beeline quickly past the stuffer to the accessories! No way was Birdie going near that thing! She insisted her puppy needed a pair of sunglasses

Sunday was breakfast at the diner

And a trip to Sam’s club. What kid doesn’t like brownie bites?! Birdie said “wrap it up Mama” mama said “um no I’ll eat it”.

I REALLY wanted a donut yesterday for my birthday but didnt have time to get one so Bry got me one today after dinner. Pure deliousness!

Have a great Monday everyone!