Archive | July 6, 2013

Disney May 2013 Episode 2

Mother’s Day at Disney. It doesn’t get any better than that. Well yes it does. It would’ve been better if my mom (aka Baba) would have come along on the trip. She has 50 million excuses why she can’t, but my dad came along which was nice. Mother’s Day morning was pretty awesome, even if Birdie opened my gifts for me. I’m guessing I won’t be opening any of my own gifts for a few more years. And forget about blowing out my own birthday candles. That’s Birdie’s favorite!


Breakfast was at Chef Mickey’s



We went to the Magic Kingdom after breakfast and rode some rides, ate lunch at Casey’s and listened to the Dapper Dan’s. Would someone please tell me why Disney messed with Casey’s hot dog buns?!? Yuck.