Dinner, Dinner, Dessert Winner

The other night we Bry fired up the grill and made some awesome chicken and grilled veggies. I mean awesome grilled veggies. I washed, chopped and marinated and he put his phenomenal grilling skills to the test.


After supper we wanted to end the night on a sweet note so we headed to DQ. Although my title reads ‘dessert winner’, in reality it was a huge flop. I wanted an Orange Julius but decided on a light orange smoothie. Yuck-o. Next time I’m going with my original choice. I only saved 50 calories anyways.

Another week of tots sports class under our belt too. Birdie did better with trying to focus this week but still managed to find an exit in which Bry had to coax her back onto the field. She’s still smiling though!

An ice cream bribery may have helped too! By the way we shared the huge milkshake in case you were wondering!


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