Lights Out

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early, except it wasn’t so bright, more like dark and gloomy. However since I’ve been skipping my early morning workouts, I’ve been trying to find something that will kick my motivation into gear. Well I finally found it. Part of an Amazon Prime membership is some free instant videos. Well guess what I found…I was soooo excited…I could hardly wait to treadmill…ALLY MCBEAL!!

I made a pact with myself that I would not watch any episodes unless I was on the treadmill. So far it’s working. Yes, I know it’s only day one. Here’s where the lights out part comes in. 10 minutes into my workout the power went out. See I’m always beating myself up for being a trotter instead of an actual runner. Well this morning it paid off, I could’ve been flung off that treadmill like a wet noodle but instead I more like glided off it. The power outage was literally 5 seconds, just enough time to stop the treadmill and to lose my wireless connection.

Being the numbers girl I am, having the treadmill reset my workout really bummed me out knowing the display wasn’t an accurate picture of my workout. I kept track of the time by the counter on my video so I made it work, but wasn’t happy about it!


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