Archive | July 12, 2013


It’s official. My “I’m sort of ok with my weight” sized clothes are starting to get tight. Ugh. I made yet another pact with myself that I’m starting to stick to my calorie allotment on My Fitness Pal starting tomorrow. I’ve been logging my calories since the start of my work’s weight loss competition May 30th, but more days than not have ended in red, negative calories. Double ugh. I have no idea why I let myself get into this cycle of an eating free-for-all and end up feeling terribly bloated. Triple ugh.

However, Birdie to the rescue! How you ask? Because she loves to help me prepare weekday lunches for Bry and me. She also likes to removes grapes from the stems and fill baggies with pre-portioned vegetables. She’s so excited to do little things like this, and although I hate prepping and cooking food, I do it because it’s time we spend together and I’m trying to teach her to eat healthy.