Is that Motivation?

I did really well yesterday with my eating. I had some of these beauties left which I inhaled after work.

Man do I wish we had a sushi place close to my house! I don’t know much about sushi but I do know I LOVE California rolls!

This morning I woke up around 3:45, I felt very well rested. I laid in bed until 4:15 and got up and hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles.

I read a post from Hungry Runner Girl the other day where she recapped her weekly workouts. Man that girl puts in some serious miles! That post kept me going for my measly 3 miles. If you haven’t checked out the blog hungryrunnergirl you really should. It’s a great blog about living a healthy lifestyle with some very cute baby pictures thrown in!

Tonight is Birdie’s tots sports class again. I can’t wait to see how tball training goes with the tikes!

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