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August Goodies Box

I received my August Goodies Box last week. For $7.00 a month a box of ‘goodies’ shows up at your door.

My August Goodies Box


I tried the Poplets first. One word. Yummy. Sea salted partially popped popcorn kernels. What’s not to like?

In all my Fiber One tastings, I’ve never had a Fiber One brownie. It was pretty good. I’d buy a box for myself.

I also enjoyed the Nature Valley granola thin. I’d probably buys those again.

The Mott’s fruit bites and Tangy Zangy candy were a good little sweet snack.

I gave the Pronto coffee to my coffee drinking friend Lindsey. It was Southern Pecan blend. It smelled delicious but this is where it stopped. It can be added to hot or cold water and she chose to add it to hot water. Se said it was ok, but maybe would’ve been better as a cold coffee drink.

August’s goodies box definitely redeemed itself this month. I think I will keep the subscription for a couple more months and then try something different.