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Weekend Pictures

Friday morning started out like this


Awesome way to start out the weekend food fest. (insert eye roll here)

In my defense my arm was twisted the day before by my coworkers. They were pressuring me to bring donuts to a meeting I was holding.

Saturday morning Birdie had swim lessons. Did I mention she slid off the edge waiting her turn during her last lesson? I freaked out. Like seriously, a psycho. There was a dad in the pool, he saw her and lifted her right back up on the edge. She knew enough to keep her head up thank God. I thanked that guy no less than 25 times. Saturday’s lesson went much better, but every time she wiggled the slightest I told her┬áto sit still.


This weekend was the local Grape Fest. Birdie insisted on going to the parade both Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure why because during both parades she kept asking me when the parade was going to start. Hey kid, sorry, I know you’ve only seen parades in Disney World. This ain’t that!!

I did enjoy hearing the high school band though


We ran into my ex-personal trainer turned friend, Ang, and her little boy, T. Seriously, isn’t he the cutest?


I even managed to fit some time in Sunday afternoon to treadmill


Oh yeah, and it’s been four weeks since I started using My Fitness Pal again. I lost 1/2 a pound this month. Awesome I know.

Have a great week everyone!