Arrrgghhh Another Weight Loss Competition

Sooo we are having another eight week weight loss competition at work starting January 6th. This time around teams need to be three people and coed. Somehow the most competitive two coworkers asked me to be on their team. Yikes. Oh the pressure. About a year ago we had one of these weight loss competitions at work and my now team member, Alan, was on another team. We had an eight week seminar every Friday morning and would go out to lunch after during the competition. This guy was hardcore. Like as in he would order a vegetable only salad (no cheese or croutons…WHAT?!?) and balsamic vinegar on the side. Oh and hold the breadstick. (again, WHAT?!?). Unfortunately my team beat his team that time around. His partner was our boss and he held Alan back big time! Now we are partnering together with Cheryl, my partner last time around. My team seems pretty solid and if I set my mind to it I won’t blow it for the rest of my team. Stay tuned starting January 6th for updates on the competition!


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